product variety.

Highest quality

We use only the finest materials to deliver highest-grade products.

Customized compound solutions

We have the right solution for every requirement.


We develop compounds that are used in many industries around the world.

to your needs.

Decelith PVC compound
Both rigid and flexible PVC compounds with use in various industries
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Saxene PP compound
Competitive pricing and high quality - the alternative to "Engineering Plastics"
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Saxene eco PP compound
Environment and nature-friendly
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Saxomer TPE compound
Combines both soft and elastic properties of elastomers as well as the positive attributes of thermoplastic processing
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Quality and sustainability are of utmost importance to us.

Quality means entirely fulfilling the requirements of our customers and is therefore paramount to the success of our company.

We feel that acting in a quality-conscious manner also means efficiently and sparingly leveraging valuable resources. The continuous improvement of quality is therefore a mid and long-term prerequisite for our contribution to environmental protection. Our current ISO certificates are available as a PDF document for you to download.

IATF 16949 | ISO 9001 | ISO 50001 | ISO 14001

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